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My 7 Favorite Marco Island, Florida Destinations!


My husband and I enjoyed a 7 day stay this beautiful resort. Top notch service and surroundings!

Just a half mile, beautiful walk away from the JW Marriott stands this well known gem!

Another couple clued us into this place and we couldn't get enough! This was our go to breakfast spot each morning for outstanding food and unbelievable reasonable prices!

Gorgeous public beach with powder, white sand and all the seashells you could ever want!

Luxury dining! The grouper and coconut shrimp was our absolute favorite dish! Actually, the best shrimp we have ever had!

If you love Tiki Bars like we do, you will find no better spot on the island to kick back and relax. Enjoy a drink and watch the incredibly gorgeous sunset.

Five unbelievable restaurants to choose from in one Italian reminiscent square!

From steak, to oysters, pasta and hot dogs, it is all here and in such beautiful surroundings, with so many friendly people.

A local favorite, this little bar has BIG ambiance! Seafood lovers will find no better place!


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