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Living my passion for helping women find confidence & beauty in themselves.


Like you, I am many things to many people.


I am my husband's wife, my 23-year-old twin's Mom, my granddaughters Grammy, loyal friend, and mommy to my Pug babies.


When I was 48 years old, I was miserable in my job. I was miserable at home because I was miserable in my job. I had zero passion for it and it began to take too large of a toll on my life. The problem was, I didn’t even know what it was that I wanted to do!


About the time that I started to really go down a rabbit hole of despair, something came into my life that changed everything for me!


Makeup. Yes, I said it. Makeup.


Not just any makeup though, this was a whole different approach. The first time I finished applying this lightning-quick gorgeous makeup that I’d never been the same again.


The confidence and power that I felt each morning along with the therapy this makeup provided me during each 5-minute makeup session began to seep out into all facets of my life.


The once inhibited, insecure person I was for 48 plus years was able to find and see the beauty of her own face…finally.


A deep desire was ingraining itself in me and I passionately began to share what I’d discovered with family & friends only…until I decided I could do even more. I could be more and I could inspire other women that they can too!


I became an Artist for this magical beauty brand and it has taken me on journeys I’d never imagined possible for me.


My purpose is to help women see their own beauty. My passion is to inspire them at any age to reach beyond their self-imposed limitations and run free into this amazing phase of life that is denied to so many.


I’ll be right beside you.

xo, Colette
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